Transportation & Logistics

Planning logistics for you & your own family in a wedding can be little tiresome and tensing especially when you are not aware of the place and the travel arrangements of the local place you choose. When it comes to arranging transportations not only you and your fiancé, but your respective families and guests is time consuming and stressful and the last thing you want to worry about on your very big day. What if it’s for your ‘demanding type guest’? That's why we're here. We know the most important thing when it comes to wedding planning and we have covered it promptly.

The shared-ride shuttle is a wonderful option for your out-of-town guests flying solo or traveling with one other person. Our vans will pick your guest up at their airport terminal and drop them off directly at their hotel or place of stay! Non-Stop bus and car service is the best option for larger groups that are travelling to or from the airport or hotel together, like the bride or groom's family. With exclusive service, your group can rent the entire van, avoiding other stops typical of shared ride service, while saving money!

We have the most competent Event Managers to ensure the logistics of your wedding day are perfect. Our Event Managers can create and execute exactly what you envisaged for your special day and take away all the anxiety and stress that comes with organizing it all yourself.

  • Welcome desk & help lines at the Airport.
  • Organizing and coordinating ground transportation .
  • Arrangements of Custom designed tours and fun-filled entertainments.
  • Keep a data list of various accommodations and their occupants.
  • Round the clock hospitality desks.
  • Private security.
  • Parking arrangements & management.
  • Bride-Groom Special Wedding transport .

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